How to Write an Application for Spreading the Debt into Installments



The long, or rather inability to repay, is the problem of an increasing part of our society. We borrow too much, often without calculating whether we can deal with the repayment of monthly installments and at some point we are no longer able to pay our liabilities, because often the amount that we have to pay to the bank each month is higher than our revenues. Banks, of course, will try to get their money back by submitting the case to the bailiff or selling their claims to the debt collection agency. In the first case, additional costs will be added to us, which will only make our situation worse. Often, after an unsuccessful enforcement process, our debts will go to a debt collection company that will try to recover money from us. Contrary to appearances, when our debts become the property of a debt collection company, it may turn out that this is very good news for us. Why? Well, then we have a “new opening” and we can start negotiations with such a company to get the best possible terms of debt repayment. Often, such a situation is offered by the debt collector himself, because he wants to recover money.

When contacting a debt collection company, it is best to prepare a letter in which you will be asked to spread the debt into the corresponding installments. We can prepare it ourselves, but we must remember that it contains all the necessary information. So what must be in such a list? We must first of all provide our data, i.e. name, surname, our address details and PESEL number. If we know the debt number – it should also be included in our letter. Of course, it must also contain data from the debt collection company. The headline should contain the appropriate title, e.g. “Application for payment of installments”. At the beginning of the letter there should be information about the amount of our debt, and later our proposition related to its repayment. For example, we can provide a monthly amount that we can spend each month to repay the debt or specify how many installments we want to pay back. Of course, we can not forget about expressing our good will in repayment, to convince the debt collection company that our intentions are true and that we really want to give up debt.


Written by us, it is best to send it to the debt collection company by post, registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. We can also deliver them in person (if it is possible). In this case, also ask for confirmation of receipt of the letter. The letter should also include documents that will allow you to determine the amount of our income. It may be a certificate from the workplace, a pension or similar period. This will allow us to authenticate our application and increase the chance for its positive consideration.

The fact that we have debts with which we can not cope does not mean that we should break down and wait only for what will happen. We should take matters into our own hands to deal with our problem faster, which will allow us to lead a normal life in the future without debt.

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