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The Lendon loan company has been one of the leaders in the industry for several years. In its offer there are payday loans for a maximum of 45 days, thanks to which money can be borrowed quickly, without extensive formalities, and most importantly without leaving your home.

To borrow money at Lendon, we only need a few minutes. This applies especially to the company’s regular customers who are already registered in it and used its services. However, if we are new customers of the company, first of all we have to register in its databases. What we need for this are only the basic data contained in the ID card. We must verify the provided data by sending one penny from our bank account to the Lendon account. After verification, our application is processed immediately and we will be informed via the SMS and e-mail about the decision. In the case of a positive decision, the money is sent to us at once in the bank account, so if we have an account in the same bank as the lender, we have the money available within a dozen or so minutes.


To get a loan from Lendon, you must be at least 21 years of age and can not exceed 75 years. It does not matter if we are full-time employees or whether we can have a retirement or pension. Everyone can apply for a loan and count on a positive consideration of the application. When we do it for the first time, we can borrow a maximum of PLN 3,000. After timely repayment of debt, our maximum limit increases and can amount up to PLN 6,000. To encourage new customers to submit applications, Lendon offers them the first loan for free. This means that we do not incur any additional costs when we give money on time, but we give back as much as we borrowed.

Lendon does not require a guarantor or other security from us. We also do not have to prove our income. What is very important for many borrowers, Lendon does not check the data of its clients in the records of the Credit Information Bureau.

As you can see, the lunchtime in Lendon has many pluses. But it also has one basic minus – it is a relatively expensive loan (apart from the first free loan) . We also do not have much time to pay the debt (maximum 45 days). This should be taken into account when considering whether to use the Lendon offer.

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How to Write an Application for Spreading the Debt into Installments Thu, 11 Apr 2019 10:57:35 +0000



The long, or rather inability to repay, is the problem of an increasing part of our society. We borrow too much, often without calculating whether we can deal with the repayment of monthly installments and at some point we are no longer able to pay our liabilities, because often the amount that we have to pay to the bank each month is higher than our revenues. Banks, of course, will try to get their money back by submitting the case to the bailiff or selling their claims to the debt collection agency. In the first case, additional costs will be added to us, which will only make our situation worse. Often, after an unsuccessful enforcement process, our debts will go to a debt collection company that will try to recover money from us. Contrary to appearances, when our debts become the property of a debt collection company, it may turn out that this is very good news for us. Why? Well, then we have a “new opening” and we can start negotiations with such a company to get the best possible terms of debt repayment. Often, such a situation is offered by the debt collector himself, because he wants to recover money.

When contacting a debt collection company, it is best to prepare a letter in which you will be asked to spread the debt into the corresponding installments. We can prepare it ourselves, but we must remember that it contains all the necessary information. So what must be in such a list? We must first of all provide our data, i.e. name, surname, our address details and PESEL number. If we know the debt number – it should also be included in our letter. Of course, it must also contain data from the debt collection company. The headline should contain the appropriate title, e.g. “Application for payment of installments”. At the beginning of the letter there should be information about the amount of our debt, and later our proposition related to its repayment. For example, we can provide a monthly amount that we can spend each month to repay the debt or specify how many installments we want to pay back. Of course, we can not forget about expressing our good will in repayment, to convince the debt collection company that our intentions are true and that we really want to give up debt.


Written by us, it is best to send it to the debt collection company by post, registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. We can also deliver them in person (if it is possible). In this case, also ask for confirmation of receipt of the letter. The letter should also include documents that will allow you to determine the amount of our income. It may be a certificate from the workplace, a pension or similar period. This will allow us to authenticate our application and increase the chance for its positive consideration.

The fact that we have debts with which we can not cope does not mean that we should break down and wait only for what will happen. We should take matters into our own hands to deal with our problem faster, which will allow us to lead a normal life in the future without debt.

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Which Factors Influence Lending Rates? Mon, 08 Apr 2019 19:54:23 +0000

Consumers who are unfamiliar with banking and credit often wonder what factors are involved in lending rates. Because many different offers from banks and banks flutter daily by mail or e-mail into the house . But also in every newspaper or in weekly newspapers one finds a lot of loan offers. Here, a layman hardly looks through, because everywhere different conditions are offered. Even if you need a loan promptly, you should definitely invest sufficient time to make a good credit comparison.

Compare loans

 Compare loans

If you have different offers, you should compare with the loan calculator the expected interest. Because often only the nominal interest rates are specified in the offers, but in fact one must pay an effective interest rate. Therefore, it is easily possible to set off. If you do not compare, you often have to expect that you get relatively bad conditions on conclusion of the contract. Only those who apply for a loan well informed can be sure that they will not repay too much for the borrowed money.

Where should you not apply for a loan?

 Where should you not apply for a loan?

Various credit institutions or credit intermediaries offer their services but require processing fees prior to checking a loan. Similarly, many demand that you take out additional insurance, which is often overpriced and in principle not needed. Here you should definitely refrain from a credit request. A reputable credit institution does not charge any fees for reviewing a loan application. Similarly, the conclusion of an insurance should not be part of a loan agreement. The costs incurred for the loan include interest and a processing fee.

Even with instant loans or loans without Schufa no additional fees or insurance should be part of the contract. If you compare all the criteria before you finish, there should not be a wrong choice. In addition, you can save a lot of cash, if you complete the required loan at the cheapest provider.


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Important Tips for the Financing Discussion: How to Fulfill Your Wishes and Dreams Tue, 26 Mar 2019 20:02:03 +0000

Before the loan is an application. Even in times of the Internet, this is often the personal financing discussion in a bank. And even if the contract is handled over the Internet, the individual questions are almost always at least over the phone discussed. The better prepared you are for this conversation, the more successful it usually is.

Well prepared for the appointment


Certainly it is sometimes difficult to reconcile your own wishes with your personal financial situation. However, it does not help to sit in a beautiful house , but actually can not afford to live in it anymore. That’s why you should make an accurate inventory before the first meeting. This applies to both the equity available for mortgage lending and the regular income and expenses. These figures can then be used to determine what amount is available for the monthly execution of the credit installments. In this respect, the planned acquisition or investment now has a financial framework and the most important data for the financing discussions at hand. In addition to banks, you can of course also represent a financial service provider ( more information here ) to inquire about the credit conditions.

Tips for the conversation

Tips for the conversation

Important for the meeting is a serious appearance. This includes a proper clothes. Although much depends on the right framework, but not everything. In addition, you should have clear goals in the conversation and clearly represent them. It may increase the bank employee’s commission if it provides you with a higher loan than they originally intended. As a borrower, unlike a banker, you usually have no routine in such conversations, it is important that you make a note of your questions beforehand. In addition to the amount of the interest rate, it also concerns the term , the possibility of special repayments and the identification of opportunities for follow-up financing.

Calculate conservatively

Calculate conservatively

Ultimately, the decisive factor is whether their financial situation appears sufficiently secure for the bank. This is not least in your personal interest. Because only a few things in life create more problems than loans that you can no longer serve. Therefore, you should always take into account a sufficient reserve.


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Companies in Bankruptcy or Liquidation – Financial Portal Sun, 10 Mar 2019 10:46:37 +0000

The joint-stock company established by the transformation of a limited liability company is entitled to all the rights and obligations of a limited liability company. A joint-stock company established as a result of transformation will also be the subject of permits, concessions and concessions granted to a limited liability company before its transformation.

Such a transformation seems extremely attractive, for example due to the possibility of raising capital through public issue of shares.

Joint-stock companies are usually created to run projects of the largest size. Shareholders in a joint-stock company, like partners in a limited liability company, do not meet their own assets for the company’s liabilities. The creditor can not, therefore, pursue his claims against them, but only against the company.

The process of transforming a limited liability company into a joint-stock company is regulated by the provisions of Title IV, Section III, Chapters 1 and 4 of the Code of Commercial Companies.

To transform a limited liability company into a joint-stock company it is necessary to meet several requirements:

The amount of share capital

The share capital of a limited liability company should be adjusted to the minimum requirements for share capital in a joint-stock company. This means that it can not be lower than PLN 100,000.

The capital of the transformed joint-stock company can not be determined at a level lower than the share capital of the transformed limited liability company

Example: if the share capital of a limited liability company is defined as PLN 150,000, when we convert it into a joint-stock company, its capital can not be lower than this amount.

We can reduce it at the limited liability company before the transformation process

or only after the company is transformed into a joint-stock company – under the provisions on the reduction of share capital in a joint-stock company.

Approval of financial statements

A necessary condition for the transformation of a limited liability company into a joint-stock company is also the need to approve the financial statements of the company for at least the last two financial years.

If the company operates on the market for less than two years, it will be necessary to approve reports from the entire period of its activity.

Importantly, there is no minimum time after which we can transform a limited liability company into a joint-stock company. In practice, a joint-stock company may become a limited liability company, which operates only a few days – says one of the specialists of the Caldwell consulting company.

If a limited liability company is in bankruptcy or liquidation, it is not possible to transform it into a joint-stock company.

The transformation procedure

The transformation procedure

The conversion procedure usually lasts several months and consists of several stages:

  • creating a plan for transforming the company with attachments,
  • assessment of the plan by a certified auditor,
  • shareholder notices of intention to transform,
  • adoption of a resolution on the conversion, adoption of the statute and the establishment of members of the bodies of the incorporated joint-stock company,
  • filing statements by shareholders regarding participation in a newly created joint-stock company,
  • registration of a joint-stock company established in the National Court Register and deletion of a limited liability company from the register
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How Do I Find The Right Bank For My Needs? Thu, 07 Mar 2019 20:14:46 +0000






Every person has their personal life situation, which consists of many factors . Both age and marital status are crucial factors that determine personal needs. Life phases such as training, career entry, home ownership or retirement age require different financial planning and the best possible management of personal funds. With the large number of banks and their different business philosophies, choosing the right partner is difficult. With the bank ratings and reviews on an overview according to personal criteria is easy to achieve.

Assess your own situation and personality


In order to manage your finances optimally, a self-assessment is required. Since not everyone knows automatically what options are available to make good use of their money, the bank ratings and reviews on are a good place to get an overview of the money products that banks offer on various topics. The range extends from the processing of daily payments through short-term savings to the many ways to put money “on the high edge”. Since the so-called universal banks in Germany offer almost everything, an independent comparison is even more important.

What money transactions and investments are pending

What money transactions and investments are pending

In addition to the performance comparison data, bank ratings and reviews on provide an overview of the various topics that need to be covered. Installment or framework credit, overnight money or time deposit, checking account and securities deposit – for all statistical test data are always online tools and filters applicable, which create an offer ranking according to personal specifications. For example, if you consider a time deposit, you can set the planned investment amount and the duration and the bank ratings and reviews on determine the most profitable interest rate offer especially for the desired combination.

Even small cattle makes “crap”


Even when comparing fees for daily activities and monthly account transactions on current accounts, there are enormous differences in fees at the banking institutions. If you frequently have to work with a credit line , you need a low interest rate for overdrafts. Staying abroad with cash requirements can be quite expensive with a disadvantageous bank and those who want a personal service in one store are much better off with some banks than with another. For a long time is no longer valid, “drum check who ties forever”. With the help of bank ratings and reviews on it is easy to find the most advantageous bank for each task.


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Important Information about Nursing Care Insurance Fri, 22 Feb 2019 20:17:18 +0000

The topic of long-term care is becoming more and more commonplace. While for a while it was an issue everyone was dismissing because they did not feel concerned, they are increasingly thinking about it because it can really happen anytime, anytime. For this reason, more and more are interested in insurance coverage, in order not to have to give up the necessary care from the outside in an emergency. The funds from the statutory long-term care insurance are a nice help, but too little, if you want to get enough care without having to depend on family members. On the way to the appropriate insurance protection, there are a few things to consider.

Different types of financial performance

Different types of financial performance

First, there are different forms of protection. Thus, on the one hand there is the possibility of supplementary health insurance, with which one can secure a so-called care allowance. As the name implies, in case of long-term care you will receive a previously agreed amount of money per day, to which you are assigned to a care level. This extra money will be used to cover additional costs that come with this new situation. On the other hand, there is a similar to a pension insurance contract, with which one secures a caregiver. This means that you get a monthly pension in the insured event, which serves as a substitute income, which is important if you can no longer exercise his profession by nursing.

Reasonable insurance cover

Reasonable insurance cover

To a sensible insurance protection is not only the conclusion of any contract, but above all ample considerations about a design of the contract, which provides in an emergency, even what you need. This includes not only a sufficient amount of insurance coverage but also the certainty of being protected in the desired case. So there are tariffs, which only pay at care level 3, others also already at care level 1, which can mean a very big financial advantage. As a comprehensive information portal for all questions about outpatient and inpatient care, care levels and types of long-term care insurance can serve a page


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