Month: April 2019

Fast Loan via the Internet – Financial Portal – Deposits

      The Lendon loan company has been one of the leaders in the industry for several years. In its offer there are payday loans for a maximum of 45 days, thanks to which money can be borrowed quickly, without extensive formalities, and most importantly without leaving your home. To borrow money at Lendon, […]


How to Write an Application for Spreading the Debt into Installments

    The long, or rather inability to repay, is the problem of an increasing part of our society. We borrow too much, often without calculating whether we can deal with the repayment of monthly installments and at some point we are no longer able to pay our liabilities, because often the amount that we […]


Which Factors Influence Lending Rates?

Consumers who are unfamiliar with banking and credit often wonder what factors are involved in lending rates. Because many different offers from banks and banks flutter daily by mail or e-mail into the house . But also in every newspaper or in weekly newspapers one finds a lot of loan offers. Here, a layman hardly […]