Month: March 2019

Important Tips for the Financing Discussion: How to Fulfill Your Wishes and Dreams

Before the loan is an application. Even in times of the Internet, this is often the personal financing discussion in a bank. And even if the contract is handled over the Internet, the individual questions are almost always at least over the phone discussed. The better prepared you are for this conversation, the more successful […]


Companies in Bankruptcy or Liquidation – Financial Portal

The joint-stock company established by the transformation of a limited liability company is entitled to all the rights and obligations of a limited liability company. A joint-stock company established as a result of transformation will also be the subject of permits, concessions and concessions granted to a limited liability company before its transformation. Such a […]


How Do I Find The Right Bank For My Needs?

          Every person has their personal life situation, which consists of many factors . Both age and marital status are crucial factors that determine personal needs. Life phases such as training, career entry, home ownership or retirement age require different financial planning and the best possible management of personal funds. With […]